Babycam: Functions and How it Work

Babycam or Baby Monitoring Camera is one type of surveillance camera (commonly called as CCTV) and is a close relative of the IP Camera when viewed from the way it works. The difference is that Baby Camera is simpler and cheaper, but it also has less features than the IP Cameras.

This article does not provide a tutorial on how to install and setup Babycam. This article only reviews what Babycam is, what its advantages and disadvantages are compared to other types of cameras, and how the installation/settings process of this camera in general (not specifically). This article was written for those who are looking for additional information about this type of camera before they decide to purchase one of it.

I don’t know what the reason for this camera is called Babycam, even though its function is not just for baby monitoring. The size is also when viewed as a whole is not very small. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Baby Monitoring Camera, as well as the conditions under which Babycam will be a good choise for you.

Advantages :

1. Cheaper price.
2. Installation is easier and simpler.
3. Can be installed anywhere, whether mounting on the wall, on the ceiling of a house or placed on a table or cupboard.
4. Supports two-way communication, such as telephone.

Disadvantages :

1. Small video storage capacity, because the storage media is only supported by a microSD card.
2. Cannot be integrated into a monitor or TV screen. Monitoring can only be done through smartphones, generally Android.

Conditions that support the use of Babycam

Baby Camera is suitable to be used for monitoring the room in the house such as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. This type of camera is also suitable when installed in Security Posts, so you can communicate directly with the Security Guard of your house.

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The installation is very simple because it does not need a Recorder (DVR/NVR). As the replacement to the Recorder, Baby Cam uses a MicroSD Card to store video recorded by the camera. This causes the camera’s storage capacity to be very limited. This camera cannot store video footage with weeks or even months.

How to configure

Specifically, not all babycams have the settings and applications for the same settings. The settings and name of the application used for each babycam can be seen in the user guide that contained in the package during the purchase. The certain thing is that whatever camera brand is used, the system requirements to be able to activate monitoring are all the same. A Wifi Access Point, Smartphone (Generally Android), and an application for the configuration of a babycam camera is required.

If you want to try to configure Babycam with a computer, you can read this article. Hopefully can be useful, thank you.

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