DHCP Server For Windows

DHCP server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a feature that functions to distribute IP (Internet Protocol) addresses on other machines / computers in a network. Configuring an IP address for a device is not too difficult. Moreover if the device has an easy-to-understand interface such as Microsoft Windows Operating System. But what if there are dozens or even hundreds of devices on the network? Furthermore, what if the devices those are connected every day are different and need to be reconfigured every time they are connected?

For example; If you got an office with 50 employees who have activities with desktop computers, and gadgets that are brought home every day. Sometimes on other days the employee brings another gadget. Not all computer users can easily configure their devices themselves. This will be a tiring and tedious daily routine for a Sysadmin or Network Staff in the Office.

DHCP Server as a Solution

In this condition a DHCP server can do a big help by distributing IPs between devices in a mass and dynamically way. Usually a device that functions as an internet-gateway such as a dial-up modem or a router comes with this feature. So there’s no need to bother making your own DHCP server.

But in some cases, sometimes you have to make your own DHCP server on your computer/laptop. In the cases, you can use the Windows DHCP server software. You can directly download on their Official Website, or you can also download it directly here.

Because this article is only a supporting article to complement other articles. I didn’t write a complete tutorial for installing and configuring it. You can read their complete Installation and setting guide here.

Hopefully this software and article can be useful.
Note* To avoid IP conflicts, make sure the network card (lan card) that you use to run the this program has a static IP.

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