Facebook Ads: How to Advertise on Facebook

Facebook Ads is an advertising service provided by Facebook Inc, a Social Networking Company. This service allows advertisers to promote their Company or Products through Facebook. In the previous article we discussed about online selling tips, and Facebook Ads is one of the highly recommended advertising methods to increase sales. Why do you need Facebook Ads and how?

First of all, let’s answer the question “Why should Facebook Ads?” Facebook is the most used social network by people all over the world. According to the article published on KOMPAS in September 2018;

Until January 2018 the number of Facebook users from Indonesia already reached 130 million accounts, equivalent to six percent of all users from around the world. This also put Indonesia to become a country in Southeast Asia with the highest number of Facebook users.

Source, https://tekno.kompas.com/read/2018/03/02/08181617/indonesia-pengguna-facebook-terbanyak-ke-4-di-dunia
Author : Rizky Chandra Septania
Editor : Reza Wahyudi

All those 130 million users are came from various backgrounds, education, employment, interests, and social status. With that large number of users, Facebook sure will be a very good place to launch a product campaign or ads. Where in the world you think you can introduce your product/service to thousands or even millions of people without having to leave your computer instead of Facebook? Just simply look on your own Facebook friendlist you will find a hundreds or even thousands of prospective customer.

Facebook also implements self service and targeted advertising methods, so you can target anyone who will see your product ad. Starting from the age range, gender, location, interests, and language. To avoid over budget you can also set daily expenses for your advertising costs on Facebook. So it’s clear right now why Facebook is a suitable medium to advertise your products. Now let’s learn how to advertise with Facebook Ads.

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