How to Choose and Maintenance Air Conditioner

The right selection of air conditioner when installing a new one will determine many things in the future. Will the room fitted with the AC have the temperature as expected? Whether electricity consumption will increase or not? Whether your AC will last long or not? So don’t just choose or buy AC without any consideration, because the wrong choice will have a fatal impact later. On this article, we will discuss about How to Choose and Maintenance Air Conditioner. So that your air conditioner will remain durable.

What should be considered when buying or installing a new air conditioner? Following are some factors that must be considered when you’re trying to buy and install a new air conditioner:

Type of AC

AC consists of many types, lets call there are 3 types that are commonly used by many people. Low Watt AC, Conventional AC, and AC Inverter.

  • Conventional AC can be applied to almost all buildings and conditions. But it doesn’t offer more features like Low Watt AC and Inverter does.
  • Low Watt AC is generally more suitable to use in homes with small electrical power and the room is not too wide, because of low electricity consumption. But the lack of this type of AC is, it takes a longer time to cooling your room.
  • AC Inverters are highly recommended for tightly closed rooms and use air conditioner for most of the time, of course with an adequate electrical power. Because this type of AC consumes very high power at the start.
How to Choose and Maintenance Air Conditioner

AC capacity

To determine the need of this one, there is a formula. Building consultants and Professional AC Technicians generally use this formula in determining the capacity of the AC to be installed, whether it is 1 / 2PK, 1PK, or 2PK. Here are the formulas and ways to calculate them, Source

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(W x H x L x I x E)/60 = kebutuhan BTU

  • L = Space Length (in feet)
  • W = Space Width (in feet)
  • I = Put a value of 10 if the room is insulated (located downstairs, or squeezed into another room). And make it 18 if the rooms is not insulated (upstairs).
  • H = Space Height (in feet)
  • E = Put a value of 16 if the longest wall is facing north; 17 if it facing east; 18th if facing south; and 20 if it facing west.

Once you got the results, (which is called BTU). Adjust the results with the energy of each AC capacity (refer to the list below):

  • AC ½ PK = ±5.000 BTU/h
  • AC ¾ PK = ± 7.000 BTU/h
  • AC 1 PK = ± 9.000 BTU/h
  • AC 1½ PK = ±12.000 BTU/h
  • AC 2 PK = ±18.000 BTU/h

If you are still confused about counting or choosing after reading this article. A consultation with professional AC technicians or Air Conditioner Seller is highly recommended.

AC Treatment

That was the tips for choosing AC, then what about the treatment? To make sure that your air conditioner will stays durable, use it well and do maintenance regularly. Here are some tips that might be useful:

  • Always keep the room tightly closed, this can help reduce the AC workload and help save electricity.
  • Do not set the temperature of the air conditioner too cold, generally the ideal temperature ranges from 22 to 26. Because beside it’s not good for health, setting the temperature too cold will make your AC work more harder. It also increase in electricity consumption.
  • Wash your AC regularly and thoroughly, include Outdoor Unit.
  • Why is it very important to make sure that the air conditioner is always clean? Also read this article.
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If the air conditioner doesn’t feel cold, or it’s not as cold as usual. Don’t force it by set the temperature to be more cooler. This will only force your AC to work harder continuously, and the results are still not cold. Apart from the damage to electronic devices such as thermistors, or leaking of refrigerant gas, air conditioners are generally not cold because they are dirty.

If your air conditioner isn’t cold because it is dirty and you have no time to wash it yet, just do these simple methods to maintain your room temperature until you have time to wash it.

  • Open the cover of your AC indoor unit and remove the built-in filter attached inside the indoor unit.
  • Clean and wash the filter so that there is no more dust or dirt attached to the filter.
  • Dry the filter and attach it back to your AC indoor unit.

This method doesn’t make your air conditioner cool significantly, but your room temperature will be a little cooler. Blowing winds from fansplit will be firmer because it’s not blocked by dust. In order to turn your AC as cold as normaly, wash the whole units of your AC.

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