Installing TGB Stuck at 25% (Solved)

Hi! On this Article i want to share a solution for you who was stuck while reinstalling Tencent Gaming Buddy (TGB). This time I will give the solving tips. Usually if we delete (properly delete not uninstall) TGB files directly without the correct process, can cause the emulator re-installation process stuck on 25%. Well, to restore it back to normal is quite easy. Follow the simple tutorial below carefully

tgb stuck 25%
  1. Open Explorer or My Computer. Open drive C:\
  2. Do a search with “TENCENT” keyword
  3. Delete all tencent folders that appear in the search results
  4. Reinstall your TGB emulator, and Ta Daa!! Your TGB Launcher is now work perfectly
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See? It’s easy as i said before 😀 If you have passed all the steps above. After you have installed back the emulator, you might find an error while on loading’s proccess. If you got stuck on loading proccess at 98%. Just simply click on the Menu top right of the appmarket windows. And then click the Diagnostic Button, find the path/location of the temp folder. Navigate to it then delete it. Restart your computer for a finishing touch before you can play it normally.

Hopefully this tutorial can help you guys solve this-little but so annoying-problem. Stay tune on our blog, because there will be so many other interesting tutorials that we made special for you guys.

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