Internet Cafe Business Future in Indonesia – Is It Still Profitable?

Internet Cafe Business – Is Internet Cafe Business still profitable in Indonesia? How long will it last? Will the Cafe Business end like other Payphone Businesses? Like PlayStation Rental, or Game Station Business? Many friends asked me that questions.

At the first time presented, Internet Cafe Business is a very promising business. The high price of computer equipments plus the lack of internet access makes people choose to just go to Internet Cafe to browse the internet. Internet Cafe Business became more promising once online games begin to emerge in the early 2000s. Entering 2005, many Game Publishers competed to release online games with various genres and began to enliven the online gaming market in Indonesia. This has a positive impact on the development of Internet Cafe. At that time, you will never find an Internet cafe lacks customers. Many big entrepreneurs who already have a lot of business today used to be Internet Cafe owners.

Not just to play online games, many people visit internet cafes for other activities. Like Students seek information for their assignment’s needed, Professionals, including Content Writers, Bloggers, and Freelance Reporters publish their content from Internet Cafe.

When The Success of The Internet Cafe Business Began to Fade

Along with the massive development of digital technology, nowaday internet access becomes much easier and cheaper. Slowly but surely the internet cafe began to be abandoned, internet cafe enthusiasts began to decrease not like before. The entry of smartphones that offer alternatives to computer use and even more efficient makes the trend shift towards mobile devices. Android-based smartphones which are rich in applications and games pose a serious threat to the future of Internet Cafe Business. Today anyone can access the internet and play online games more easily and cheaply through their smartphone devices, at anytime and anywhere. The Game Developers also began to drive their products development towards Mobile Games.

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There are still some people who argue that smartphones will not be able to match the performance of computers in playing HD games. The fact there are still many weakpoints from smartphones, ranging from screen resolution, durability, and the controller system. But just the same as it was before, many people did not have their own gadget/game console at home. They were first introduced to the game (online games in particular) at Internet Cafe. The first impression of playing games in Internet Cafe which will form the their habit to visit Internet Cafe more frequently. Unfortunately at the current situation, people already introduced to the smartphone devices even from they were babies. This makes interest in playing games in public places reduced to almost nonexistent.

And it’s getting even worse by the stigma from the society to this kind of Business. This happened due to a negative impact of some Internet Cafe visitor’s activities which are not properly controlled. Like Pornography and Online Gambling/betting, not to mention a lot of Students also skipped school just to play to the Internet Cafe. Now back to the main question, is the Internet Cafe Business still profitable and wortht chose if you want to open a new business? The answer is YES! It’s still profitable and wortht chose! Here are some reasons why Internet Cafe Business is still promising and profitable.

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