JBL Live 650BTNC Review

JBL as a loudspeakers and headphones manufacture always knows how to give new things in a beautiful way for its lovers and for new members coming to its family also. Headphone market was full of confusion and unfair on price and specification, example of which is Surface headphones which provide mainly cute controls @ $350.

JBL decided to drop their one of the best devices which come under budget and stands on the demand of every high-class headphone user. Punchy sound, Voice assistant support and the main thing which is everyone talking about is its extreme comfort at such price.

It may have some cons which we will talk about, but let’s see is this the one which will become desirable for all because of its price and specs here in the full review of JBL Live 650BTNC.

Design and Build Quality

This time JBL has thought to give their finest product and it is visible when seeing and lifting the headphones. Perfectly oval-shaped headphones with nice texture and body quality are there in its plastic box. JBL has given the soft case for carrying. Not hard as like high-class flagships but it’s totally fine as they have given the best build quality in it. You can get great discount on electronic devices online using Croma Coupons.

3.5mm jack along with micro USB (no Type C) comes along with the headphone. Even the quality of wire of 3.5mm jack is pretty lavish this time. Big JBL branding on its usual position, both earcups and of course the rich plush leather is used for padding on both the earcups as well as the headband to provide you with the most requires comfort. And that is the reason you will get tired of it even after hours of listening.

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Splendidly lightweight, 249 grams will never make you feel frustrated and you may forget it after applying on your ears.

JBL after seeing other flagship failures decide to give the user a lot of options of controls to make it very easy to handle. Hats off to JBL for giving a lot of controls and making them hide beneath the cups so neatly. Starting from the left you have Voice assistant for all your help, news, information, on the bottom a micro USB charging port and on right Bluetooth, power, play/pause and volume level adjuster.

Connectivity and Sound Quality

Sound Quality is nice and clear, and it has decent bass, as JBL other products. But it lacks somewhere in self detecting the type of song and providing right equalized songs. You have the option of an equalizer in its app for setting, Jazz, Vocals or Bass according to your choice.

JBL provided multiple connectivity options in 650BTNC knows as multi-point, which is totally app operated, My JBL Headphone app. Having of Bluetooth 4.2 support, not 5.0 doesn’t show any problem in connectivity or regarding distance. You have options of Google Assistant as well as Alexa in the app but works with any phone assistant Bixby, Google assistant or Siri.

If you are willing to have noise cancellation in such budget then yes, but noise cancellation is something where JBL lacks few points than some big range headphones this time. The same feeling of Bose or Sony can’t be felt here, for those who are travelling almost always or outsiders the NC of JBL 650BTNC will not fit in their demand, but it does it best in this price range.

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The Battery Life

JBL claims that the 650BTNC comes with high 20-hour battery life, like some high range Bose models and beating the Surface Headphones in terms of this. And practically also it withstands in the various test for 18.5 hours with the noise cancellation mode on. Moreover if you are looking for RITES recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it.

Yes, JBL is giving the micro USB not the type C but they have given the alternative by providing their best quick charging in which 15 minutes of charge is enough for 2 hours of enjoyment.

Price and Availability

Now here is the main question, Does JBL 650BTNC is really worth the price how much it cost? And a single word answer is, definitely. JBL is providing all of the latest specs, lavish comfort which is in the headphone industry provided by flagships at the price of $129. And everyone knows it will be hard for any brand to break this record of providing such things at such a reasonable price.

JBL 650BTNC comes in 3 different color blue with gold, black and the most favorite white. JBL 650BTNC is easily available on all e-commerce especially on Amazon with the JBL one-year warranty.


No doubt this device totally worth it. Great comfort, varieties of physical control which is barely noticed because of its sharp hidden property. Lightweight, to make you feel relax even after 10 plus hour use. And of course, the pure and clear sound quality coming from the oval ear caps and all combinedly at the price of $129. There is one such con in the device except for the level of noise cancellation, which is required by travelers, but it can be ignored by its other performance. So, if you searching your best headphones and don’t want to give pressure on your wallet then blindly go for the JBL 650BTNC which gives the output of flagships in this amazing price.

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