Keep Your Air Conditioner (AC) Clean and Healthy?

Why it’s very important to keep your air conditioner (AC) clean and healthy?
The bacteria commonly found in dirty air conditioners are Legionnella bacteria. Then what kind of dangers it has? When your AC is on, the room must be completely closed and the air in the room will rotate indoors throughout the day. If such conditions continue, it can turn your kids to has pneumonia. Pneumonia itself is characterized by fever, cough and shortness of breath. The causes of pneumonia can vary, including Legionella pneumonia from an unclean air conditioner.

Make sure that your air conditioner more durable and long lasting, which certainly has a positive impact on your family. Why? The reason is, if your air conditioner is dirty, the performance of the compressor will be heavier and the power consumption of electricity will be higher. Beside, the compressor also will be damaged quickly because it is too dirty. Indeed, for a period of 1 to 2 years, the air conditioner is still working normally, but after 2 years, the air conditioner will start not cold and it can possibly be damaged. So, before that happen, it’s a good idea to do maintainance on your air conditioner regularly.

Keep an eye of leaking water from a blocked drain pipe/hose due to bad-bacteria and moss that settles in your drain pipe or hose. This can be very dangerous for health, if there is a leak, don’t wait to take an action on it. Simple but routine treatments can help you to keep your air conditioner performance good, and stay healthy for you and your family.

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Keep Your Air Conditioner (AC) Clean – Tips For Maintaining Air Conditioner

Wash your indoor and outdoor units regularly at least once in a month. If you don’t know how to do it or too busy to do it yourself, you can hire a Professional AC Technician Service. Now there are many AC Technician Services that you can find easily on the internet. However, not all Technicians provide a professional, honest and excellent service.

For example, we often found a misunderstanding that if every AC Services has to do a freon recharge. Because Freon will only decrease if there is a leak in the unit or pipe/hose installation. Many AC Technicians who are naughty and dishonest give a wrong information to customers. So, if your air conditioner is work properly, it’s not because its Freon runs out, but on most cases it’s because your AC condition is dirty.

Now there is good news for those of you who often have difficulty finding a Professional AC Technician. The AC Technician service is now available in TeknisiKu. While this service range for AC Technicians is limited to only a few regions/cities.

Well, hopefully this information about “how important it is to take care of AC regularly” can be useful. I’ll see you guys on next article, thank you.

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